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The Blackberry Thief

February 2017

The silk threads supply listing on the back cover of the pattern includes the silk color #372 but is not included for use in the instructions. Originally, in my sample block, the thread color was used to create shadows amongst the flower pistils (1 strand ) straight stitch.

I decided when writing up the instructions that it really wasn't absolutely necessary to purchase that thread color to reduce the amount of expensive thread to purchase. The silk thread #370 could be used in its place as an acceptable substitute.

If you did purchase this color, use it as I have stated above.


Fabric Kit: Jason's Grasshopper-

July 2013

Please add the following if missing from the kit's instruction sheet: on page two in the "Large Poppies" section, under "A" fabric,
add 52-2, 52-3, 52-4, 52-5


Misprint error on the older booklet covers for block size: Wren & Purple Finch-

February 2009

Earlier pattern instruction booklet covers have a misprint error listing the size of the finished block incorrectly at 9.75" square. The patterns are correctly sized at 9.5" square finished. If you followed the pattern you are fine.


Val's Rhododendron: Cosmo color for (F) on page three of the instructions-


Pattern instruction booklet has the color listed as Cosmo #353. The color should be: Cosmo #154.