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Your Naturalist’s Notebook Quilt Update

August 21st, 2014 | 8 Comments



Nothing gets me more excited than to get to work on the next block (after fabric kits–more on that later) than looking over the “cartoon” of my completed rough rendition of the finished Naturalist’s Notebook Quilt.

Each time we put the block picture into the overall layout, the quilt just gets better and better.

I see more than the visual impact though when I look at it. I see the communications and friendships from the blog sewn into each block. You all have had input into the direction our applique “mystery” quilt has taken.

I hope you are as happy with the result so far as I am. Some of you have been there from the very beginning of the project when I took your advice and made a quilt from a single block sample–the Wren. Many of you have joined along the way and have caught up or some are just discovering our fun project now.

I know this is taking, time. This is what makes a quilt special and each and everyone of you are creating a personal connection with me and each other through our joint participation creating our own versions. Call me sappy, but THIS is what makes a quilt special and worth handing down to the next generation.

We are giving this quilt the soul that makes it special beyond the materials to make it.

Some of you have asked to peek into the future. Below is the cartoon mock-up (my design road map) for a general idea of the finished quilt. You thought I was flying by the seat of my pants didn’t you?




I do caveat this with…..Everything that is yet to be done may change. Many times what I think would be perfect–isn’t. I will say that both blocks 7 and 8 will feature the Australian blue Wrens and the Primroses with a dragonfly for sure. The Blue Wrens are next. My lovely Aussies have been so patient for their block!

The hokey VERY ROUGH idea cartoon in the bottom left corner will be refined. Sometimes when I have an idea and I am afraid it will go away as quickly as it came, I quickly get it down in any form I can pronto! My brain just can’t hold the flash of ideas anymore. Hence, the sloppy mouse drawing.

Oh and the measurements you see for borders and sashing are just estimates. I never know until I get to them what is going to look the best. This just gives me a rough idea of where I am going.

The pictures are coming in and I am seeing some amazing work so keep on stitching!






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