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Val’s Rhododendron-Block #6 Taking Form

April 1st, 2014 | 17 Comments


You probably thought this was never going to happen but have faith my friends, I have begun block number six of Naturalist’s Notebook and am off to the races.

Do you see the actual color of the Rhododendron bud and the fabric color in the photo? I did not have the bud when I chose these colors in the dark of winter. Oh yeeees!

This block has to be perfect. Yes, I try to make each one as best as I can, but this one is special. Very special.

This Naturalist’s Notebook block honors a very dear friend whom I met through my quilting and teaching adventures. She has been in my thoughts a lot and I had to create something that expresses how I treasure her friendship.




Another student Lynn, who is a dear sweet person too, requested that I “please?” create a Hummingbird for the series. To be honest, I was not going to do a Hummingbird because they have been done to death.

I could never refuse my dear sweet Lynn so we have a Hummingbird in the series. If you are glad to see a Hummingbird, you can thank Lynn!

This block has lots and lots of funky little pieces. As I work, I am determining if some can go or need to stay to make it a smoother experience for you.




The challenges built into the block’s design are tight curves and small points. If you have stayed with me thus far, your skills should be up to it and ready to be taken further.

I did a post about my “Split the Difference” method here if you need a review:


What you are seeing is four days (half days) of applique work so far.

Remember also in that time, I am having to audition my fabric choices too, so it could actually be less time applique-ing. Choosing the right colors always take a LOT of time and thought.

I will keep you updated on the process as strides are made.



•   I will have more of the kits made up as time allows. I am trying to get this block done as well as a project for the Houston Quilt Show (deadline May 29). Most likely, I will make them up at the same time as I create the new Val’s Rhododendron kits.

The kits were very popular at my teaching engagements so more have to be made up and they do take a lot of time.


•   Asilomar was great as usual and the students were fabulous! We had every level and they all did great with a difficult project. For 2015, there are TWO workshops scheduled for Asilomar.


Registration for 2015 starts after May 5th(?)

As always, you can use your stitching time for the class project or any other project from my previous workshops. Just remember to bring your best smile and sense of humor.


•   Unexpected Beauty is a huge pattern and the instructions are going to be a bear which means it is not going to be cheap–fair warning. I will have the pattern available for sale eventually. It is lower on the priority list and as I have time between the more pressing items on my to-do list. There will be NO FABRIC KIT.

I think that catches up for now.




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