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For My Aussies: The Blue Wren

September 19th, 2014 | 16 Comments




This block is a request of the fabulous Australian appliquers who have been involved with the Naturalist’s Notebook project too.

Block 7 of the Naturalist’s Notebook series is on the work table and I am so excited about this one. There really isn’t much applique on this block compared to the others.

What does this block have? Some fun and interesting play with the hand embroidery texture. What will truly make this block, if I can do it like the picture in my head, are the embroidery techniques for the Australian Wattle Flowers.

Not only did my Australian lovelies educate me on both the Blue Wren and the habitat in which they thrive, but I was even given wattle flowers to look at and study. I really hope I get them right.

I did spend some time in a parking lot just staring and studying the flora intently. I am sure I looked really weird (crazy?) to anyone who observed me doing this.




Blue Wrens were everywhere during my recent trip to the magical land down under, but of course, they were not where I was on any particular day. The day after I left Tamsin’s lovely home, she snapped this Blue Wren in the back garden for me. They are tiny and just the sweetest little things.


Get a load of that COLOR!!!!


There is one applique bit on this block that may end up in the embroidery column. The tiny (TINY) circles inside the flowers. This is where all of those tiny radiating masses of stamens protrude from. Don’t get your knickers in a twist and panic just yet, one can always embroider them. I always give you another option.

Time will tell which option I choose and whether or not I am feeling masochistic at that time or not. This one will be deceptively simple. If you have come this far with me, your skills are up to it. I love, LOVE, LOVE the emails I receive letting me know how far your applique skills have progressed in a relatively short amount of time. I can feel your excitement through the wireless highway.




The block will sit in the overall layout like so in the above image. The intense blues along with the browns will play nicely I think with its neighbors and the center.

I hope my Aussie friends approve!


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