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The Blue Tit Block Progress

October 9th, 2015 | 4 Comments



I am back from a long teaching trip in Australia. As always, Berrima Patchwork (Tamsin & Sue hi!) are so much fun and hospitable. For those of you in Australia, Berrima¬†Patchwork carries the Naturalist’s Notebook patterns so you do not have to order from the US.

I love the relationships I have formed with my Australian students and how warm and thoroughly wonderful they are. They must all be born with a needle in their hands.





While I was in Australia, I worked on the Blue Tit block for the Naturalist’s Notebook series. I finished the applique portion of the block which went really fast.

If you are intending on using the light fabrics like I have done for the Anemone flowers, lining will be essential. I will cover how I did that in the next post.

The other obvious elephant in the room is the butterfly. Jason has designed another “bug” for us and it is the Adonis Blue butterfly and it is a doozy. However, do not let that scare you off because it is beautiful and worth the effort.


There are two options…

1) You can applique the wings. The separate freezer paper templates will include the templates for these.


2) Embroider them like I have done. Although it will be mistaken for machine work. <sigh>

If you intend to embroider the butterfly, I will make available as a purchase option, a printed water soluble peel and stick embroidery template. Using a light box or something similar, stick the template in the proper position on the block. (the pattern should be underneath for proper placement)




You will need a hoop for for taut tension. I have found it interesting many people do not use a hoop for hand embroidery. For tension control, a hoop is a must and as most of you all know by now, there is only one hoop that works. The Morgan non-slip hoop.



I know this is going to freak you out but…..

You will need to use a magnifying lamp in order to do the embroidery. The details are very SMALL and the fill is done by using the long and short stitch.




I used this Daylight Company table magnifying lamp. Any magnifying lamp that is comfortable for you will work. There are many out there at different price points and sizes.



The picture below shows you my view of the template through the magnifier light. See how the butterfly is much bigger than its actual size and easier to see? The great thing about this is, your stitches look not so great under the magnifier, but when you pull it out from under and look….OH MY GOSH! Perfection!




This butterfly will be beyond frustrating and a bit “rough” looking if you do NOT use a magnifying lamp. If that puts you off, then applique the wings using fabric and add the details with a small bit of embroidery. The printed peel & stick embroidery template will work over top of the wing applique as well for the spots and “vein” details.

Now to move forward with the magical embroidery transformation of the block.

International Quilt Festival in Houston is coming up soon and I will be away again for Market and Festival. I don’t think my family knows who I am anymore.




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