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Finally A Cover Girl

September 8th, 2014 | 34 Comments



I am really excited to show you my first large wholecloth quilt. Nope, not  an applique quilt, but a completely domestic machine quilted wholecloth.

The quilt will be on the cover of Machine Quilting Unlimited’s November issue along with an interior article which will have pictures of all of my show quilts and my journey with machine quilting with detail close-ups.

As I have said before, if you like good articles and a more sophisticated content approach to quilting, both longarm and domestic quilting, then this is the magazine for you. It is the only one I read or subscribe to anymore. The others leave me banging my head–which really hurts.


vivaldibymoonlight_full (3)sm


I am always challenging myself to stretch and grow my skills and to learn new techniques. Otherwise, this quilting thing would become quite boring. I have also heard learning new things is good for the brain and aging, which might be a stronger motivation.

The info….

 -It is completely done on a DOMESTIC SEWING MACHINE and is 69 x 71″ large.

-The trapunto alone took two months to trim and prepare for the quilting.

-The hand embroidered dragonflies took one month to stitch.

-The quilting emptied 12 large spools of the #100 silk Kimono thread.

-The quilting was done on a Jacquard cotton fabric (what was I thinking?)

-The echo fill quilting is a scant 1/8″ apart (detail shot in magazine)


With this much quilting, the design still matches up both horizontally and vertically in symmetry and the quilt lies flat. All of that fabric manipulated by my hands through the pea sized harp with no mounting system or low tech/high tech mechanical aids.

I hope you enjoy my wholecloth and get yourself a copy of the November issue of Machine Quilting Unlimited.

Now I must go back to my regular job which is applique.


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