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Meet the New Block In the Notebook Series: #8 England’s Blue Tit

November 19th, 2015 | 16 Comments


I thought this block would sail along with no issues. WRONG.

I have never done so much tearing out…Ever! Why do the projects we think will go easy end up giving us the most grief?

Having said that, I LOVE the way the design turned out and fortunately for you, I made all the mistakes so you don’t have to. Wasn’t that nice of me?

note: The block is named as a nod to my friendly followers in England. Hence the title, “England’s Blue Tit”.




Once the block is complete, the hard and tedious work begins to produce the new pattern. Translating the instructions, creating all of the graphic illustrations, photos, printing…….



Laying out the instruction book and checking for errors before final print so everything is clear for you.


Files have been sent to the printer for covers and the pattern and I have been spending loooong days to make the instructions as crystal clear as possible so you can get the same results as mine.

I know the butterfly embroidery is going to strike terror in the heart of some of you. One of the BEST sites for embroidery instruction is Mary Corbet’s Needle n Thread.



She has the best instructional videos etc., to get you through some of the unfamiliar embroidery and make it do-able at your leisure and at home where you are comfortable.

Most of us (at least in the states), have little experience with the long and short stitch. This stitch is the main fill stitch for the butterfly and what gives it realism. So yes, the stitch is necessary for success.




Mary not only has excellent videos devoted to the stitch technique that makes your fear evaporate, but also well written text tutorials and there is no need for me to re-create the wheel.

 long and short stitch shading lesson 2 

(scroll down for the videos).



Tips to Remember to stitch the butterfly:


Use a bright light with an attached magnifying lense to stitch.


Embroidery lines transferred to a water soluble stabilizer such as Sulky’s Inkjet “Printable Sticky Fabri Solvy” Water Soluble Stabilizer




Transfer Eze (good tutorial here).


My timeline to have everything ready, including kits, is January 1. The holidays have a way of messing up schedules so that is the goal.

Speaking of holidays, Jason had a bumper pumpkin crop this year so he and I are going to make the holiday pumpkin pies from his fresh organic pumpkins. YUM.

I wish each and every one of you a special holiday season,




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