I am Getting Old


I admit it.  I am slowly coming to terms with the fact that I am no longer 25.  The funny thing is, it is not the saggy body parts that really get me down but the fact that I almost can no longer thread a needle on my own with out help from a tool.  For me this is a blow of catastrophic proportions.

I mean come on! I was the one who proudly threaded everyone else’s needles.  I couldn’t understand how they couldn’t get that thread through that big eye for crying out loud.  Almost in braggadocio fashion, I would, with little humility and a large patronizing grin of superiority, offer up my services for those who were impaired with threading a needle.  Sometimes I would show off and thread several for them so they were ready to go immediately when they needed threading again.

Well you know what?  Payback is a bitc*….well, um you get what I mean.   I have officially received my come-uppance from Father Time and I am not too proud to say it.  I am sorry for my sophomoric behavior and I bow my head.

So for those of you who need extra help threading your needles, the Clover needle threader is heaven sent.  I could never continue my handwork without it.  Well maybe I could, but with much difficulty and wasted time trying to hit that needle’s %&$#@ hole with that thread!


They come in colors!  Pink, Green and Purple
They come in colors! Pink, Green and Purple

I guess now I need to figure out how to live with those sagging body parts.  <sigh>

©2009 Sandra Leichner

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I am an Author, Designer, Illustrator and a major international award winning quilt artisan. I love working with fabrics and threads and they have become my medium of choice.

2 thoughts on “I am Getting Old

  1. funny thing : ) I used to do the same thing ! LOL !

    pay back is a real pain in the butt ! However my clover needle threader doesn’t like my straw needles and I love them so I get out my ott light magnifier when I have spent too much time trying to thread the sucker !

  2. I think a magnifier is next. Thanks Boop for the heads up on the Ott Light magnifier. And I thought I would be young forever!

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