National Quilting Day

tulips by Sandra Leichner
Hand applique, hand embroidery and machine quilted with my sewing machine

 I hope everyone is able to take some time to play today with their quilt projects.  I have decided to make an executive decision and extend it to include the whole weekend.  I am sending my husband and kids out the door for the day on a little trip to grandpa & grandma’s in Portland.  Let me see, a quiet house all to myself and the whole day to applique?  Color me happy.

Have a good one!


©2009 Sandra Leichner

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About Sandra

I am an Author, Designer, Illustrator and a major international award winning quilt artisan. I love working with fabrics and threads and they have become my medium of choice.

4 thoughts on “National Quilting Day

  1. I celebrated by going to a Quilt show and bought some fabric .

    Oh What fun I had !

    Hope you had a great day !

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