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 OK, I promised I wouldn’t post about my vacation and make you look at pictures, but I have to share these shots that were taken for inspiration for future paintings and/or quilts.   Remember the Japanese Temple above from an earlier post?  This is another angle of the building.  Isn’t it just breathtaking in its architecture and surrounding garden?




 I thought this would be really good for a watercolor painting.  I loved the old dilapidated jumble that formed a cohesive composition of texture.  How is that for art jargon?  LOL. 




Colorful boats lined up at San Francisco’s wharf made for another inspired photo.




These two turtles I have affectionately named Ernie and Bert.  They are so hilarious and they seemed to love the attention they were receiving almost posing for the mandatory tourist photo.  They also reminded me of those two turtles in the Comcast commercials.  They reside at the Turtle Bay Exploration Park in Redding, California.


 I love documenting ideas I see around me in photographs.  They are great reference material as well as pictorial memories.




photos and text ©2009 Sandra Leichner all rights reserved.

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2 thoughts on “Photographic Inspiration

  1. very nice shots . I think those turtles look like thier cousins I have in my back yard . I can see a quilt of the Japanese temple emerging .

  2. The Japanese Tea Garden in San Francisco is a beautiful and inspirational spot.

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