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I get such a tingle when I see that brown truck or white truck with the Green and Blue Fed-Ex letters on it pull up to my door.  I know the driver(s) is going leave a box containing goodies that will make me smile all day.  As an adult, it brings back those feelings of when I was a kid and saw all of those packages around the Christmas tree waiting to be opened.  

 My kids call these trucks the “present man”.  “M-o-m!, the present man is here!” and then they watch their mother behave like a kid.  Of course they don’t get why I become so excited when they see me pull out fabric, quilt gadgets or thread from the depths of the mystery box.  “Oh.  it’s fabric”, they say in chorus with disappointed monotone voices and then they disperse as quickly as they gathered.




The present man came bearing gifts recently and I was hoping this fabric I had ordered online was going to be as good in person as it was on my computer screen.  I love strawberries (understatement).  I love to eat them, draw them, applique them……..you get the idea.  So when I saw this fabric, it was so perfect for a vintage applique idea I had swimming around in my head.  This would, in theory, work as a fabulous background fabric for the applique.  It also inspires me to design some custom special fabric to coordinate with this.  Hmmm, I think I will add that to my to-do list.

So I took time out from the quilting to fondle my fabric and let the ideas flow.  It takes so little to amuse me doesn’t it?  So I was wondering, does anyone else regress to an excitable child when they see these delivery trucks pull up to their door?

Now back to fondling my fabric and listening for that familiar screech that will hopefully be outside my door, not my neighbors, with something I forgot I ordered. 




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About Sandra

I am an Author, Designer, Illustrator and a major international award winning quilt artisan. I love working with fabrics and threads and they have become my medium of choice.

4 thoughts on “I Love Packages

  1. I get more excited when I see you have added to your blog !

    My delivery man doesn’t show up very often and when he does I can’t see or hear him (the way the house is situated ) I mostly get excited with the new books and patterns that come. I know you don’t because you design your own .

    I do get a thrill out of finding just the right thing for a ongoing project , but I have to confess I usually get it at the quilt store.
    In my area a lot of them are closing : ( so I guess that truck will be stopping by more often !

    I had a trailer camper a long time ago , and it had green furnture and dark paneled walls. I decided to decorate it with all strawberry accents . I have to say I fell in love with them too. Eveyone thought I was a little off till they saw how cute it was . I even had a strawberry kitchen clock .
    I like you new fabric , can’t wait to see what You do with it .

  2. I wish I could add more right now to the blog, but what I am doing is pretty boring!

    I also shop my local quilt shop, but unfortunately I can’t always get what I want there. I usually buy the fabrics online when I know I won’t find them at my quilt shop. A necessity when compiling my “palette” of paints (fabrics) for applique.

    Ohhhhhhh Boop! you just know my interest was piqued with that strawberry clock!

  3. Oh Boop, Look at all those strawberry items! Don’t you LOVE this place? I use it all the time to replace or to add to my china collection. 🙂

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