Fun with Rosehips



Have you had enough of the pumpkin and crow yet?  Yesterday I did some playing around with ideas to make my rosehips come alive and I knew I had to create something more textural with the embroidery.  I experimented with my newly purchased Lecein’s Cosmo cotton embroidery threads

The Cosmo threads have basically the same thickness as DMC strands, but I noticed the density (thickness) when stitched, is finer.  These also had an incredible sheen to them even better than my silk threads (IMO).  The nice thing is, this is a new thread that I can add to my thread collection that gives me another weight and scale option that falls between the DMC and sewing weight threads.  One other thing that was nice is that these come on spools as two strands and all you have to do is cut off the proper length and you are ready to go in most cases.  Love that.  So there is my review I promised and I am not a paid endorser and have no direct benefit etc……..Just my honest opinion.




Why did I bring up the Cosmo threads?  Because of the rosehips (and the uncanny timing of Sara).  These threads were timely in that I was having difficulty with the scale of the needle-woven spent sepals.  Needle-weaving is not difficult, but tedious.  I didn’t want to have to go down to one strand to get the proper scale and I also knew it would be too thin for what I was going after anyway.  Two strands of DMC were almost too thick.  Do-able, but……

I pulled out the new Cosmo thread and it was just right (says Goldilocks).  These were lighter in weight when woven and worked perfectly. The threads are new on the market and I suspect as these grow in popularity, the color range and availability will grow too.  They are a little bit hard to find via brick and mortar and on the Internet in any large selection.  I know one of you will direct me to a source that has a nice complete selection.


The Dime Comparison for Scale



I wrote an article awhile back for AQS in their magazine you can read here and it has my illustration for needle-weaving.  You must be a member however to access the full article, ” The Art of Embellished Applique”.  It is an embroidery stitch technique that is also included in most stitch dictionaries.  Another note:  The “white” highlight you see on the rosehips is created with a white chalk pencil. 

Today I will finish up the the other two in the picture.




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I am an Author, Designer, Illustrator and a major international award winning quilt artisan. I love working with fabrics and threads and they have become my medium of choice.

12 thoughts on “Fun with Rosehips

  1. WELLLLLLLLLLLLLLL ! I’m in awe once again !

    How perfect your work is . You can make some little shape of cloth look like a piece of nature !!!

    After you use the chalk do you use the textile extender to make it permenant ? Are the stems satin stitched with the same embroidery thread ?
    I’ll never be sick of seeing your work : ) I can’t wait for each step to see how you do your magic !

  2. Absolutely breathtaking! I must become a member after the first of the year so that I can read the article. It won’t let me see any of it until I pay. Bummer!

  3. I definitely haven’t had enough of the pumpkin and crow yet! Loving those rose hips, your attention to all the details is amazing. I feel I am getting applique, embroidery and art lessons, thank you so much. Are you using the spools or the skeins?

  4. Denise, in this case I am using the spool.

    Hopefully I am training your brain to think that applique and embroidery are not separate, but always partners. 🙂

  5. All I can say is WOW! You are amazing, Sandra. You work so fast and so beautifully! I will never get tired of your work! I didn’t know Cosmos came on spools. I have only seen it in hanks like DMC. Maybe that is something different. What I have seen of the hanks is that it is yummy!

  6. Thanks Marion! It is harder to find the spools, but this thread is growing on me no matter what form it comes in. Hanks or spools, it is the same, just packaged differently.

    How goes your applique?

  7. Sandra,
    FYI, Crabapple Hill Studio has more colors of Cosmo floss on spools than Bunny Hill– about 61 colors, I think (pages 20-35 under Cosmo floss).


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