Tea With Miss D. in Paducah



For those of you unable to attend Paducah, I thought I would show you some of the detail that is in my quilt entered in the show.  I am in Paducah, so this is posted via the scheduling option.  I will be unable to answer questions or comments until I return home. 


The outside borders. The quilted strawberries in the outer border have seed pearls hand stitched in place for the "seeds".


Here is the special label I made for the quilt which is hand appliqued and embroidered, even the stamp.  It is the invitation to Miss D for tea.  I rarely make my labels special and this was the first time I put so much effort into one.  For obvious reasons I removed my street address and phone number to keep them private.



I will post again when I get back!

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About Sandra

I am an Author, Designer, Illustrator and a major international award winning quilt artisan. I love working with fabrics and threads and they have become my medium of choice.

20 thoughts on “Tea With Miss D. in Paducah

  1. Gorgeous! Congratulations on hanging in Paducah. That trapunto and quilting is INSANE!!!

    And the label is the most charming one I’ve seen – perfectly suits the quilt.

  2. Sandra, This is unbelievable! Your attention to detail is extraordinary! I just love, love this quilt. The quilting is stunning. Love the little cherries, teabags, label yo-yo’s. the steam from the cup, the bindings, the ric-rac. WOW! You pulled out all the stops! Wish I could see it in person. You go girl! I’m sure Miss D loved it!

  3. It’s wonderful!! I hope it won Best of Show –it certainly deserves to!
    Please post more detailed photos when you return. What a fine piece of work.

  4. This quilt is just so beautiful! How I wish I could see it in Paducah, but thank you for sharing the details. Your label is so perfect for this exquisite quilt (love that stamp).

  5. Sandra,

    Oh WOW! Intricate and so well done!

    You are very brave to post this while you are gone…. we will be having tea parties with Miss D the whole time till you get back! Promise to wash the dishes!

    Just had another look …. noticed you tied the teaspoons down! And the tea bags are perfect.

    Judy B


    That is one awesome Quilt !!
    I can’t get over the detail ! every bit of this quilt is amazing .
    Your label is just the thing to top it off . Time well spent . The tea bags are so cool . The quilting is beyond Great !

    I could look at this for Hours !! There is so much to see . I wish I could see it in person . The deatil , frosing , strawberries , flowers , spoons , cupcakes , it all works beautifuly !!!!!!!!
    Thanks for taking time to give us a show !

  7. Wow, very stunning, what batting did you use, wool? It is so beautiful! I’d love to see a pic even closer to the border. Did you use lace or rick rack in the border, can’t tell (I like what you used)?

  8. I recently found your site and have been catching up through your archives. Your work is unsurpassed. I’m looking forward to seeing more details of Tea with Miss D. and your other work. Jason’s pumpkin quilt is a favorite. Can’t wait to see what you come up with next.

  9. Sandra, I SAW your quilt hanging. I loved loved loved it — so fantastic, and such attention to detail. Congratulations on having it accepted into the show . . .

  10. Sandra, welcome back. Are you now allowed to show us a picture of the whole quilt? Please…..

  11. This is SO… well, SCRUMPTIOUS! I love it! I am very bummed for you, tho, as I just went to the AQS site and looked up the list of ribbon winners, and you weren’t there! YOU WERE ROBBED!!!

  12. Thank you to everyone for your wonderful comments and it makes me feel so good that you like it! Do I sound like Sally Field? Oh my. Everyone at the show I talked to made the same comment to me, “it makes me happy”. Mission accomplished.

  13. Sandy,

    I cannot lie, it wasn’t a teacup! Sounds like you needed stronger so I obliged!

    I would love the see the detail in person of any one of your pieces. It appeasrs that we may think alike, and use similar techniques, but I don’t get into that much detail ….. far from it!

    Beautiful work, and love how willing you are to share how to do it. You are one of a kind, and a special kind at that.

    Judy B

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