Some More Detail Shots of Tea with Miss D.


When I completed this quilt, I had to mail it off immediately to the publisher and I have not seen it since last November.  The obvious exception being I saw it for the first time in months hanging in the show.  

I busily searched through my huge database of photos for shots I may have taken before it left my possession for a long time (through the summer possibly) so I could answer the requests for more.  Unfortunately they aren’t great for color etc.  This is all I have and I hope they satisfy for now.  Oh another thing, the two questions I was asked over and over again was if I had quilted this myself and if the spoons were a fussy cut from a print.  Yes I did quilt it myself and no, the spoons are not fussy cut.  



Each of those Strawberry Shortcakes matches and they are some of the toughest applique to do and replicate over and over again to make up eight identical cakes, again on a small scale
Hand embroidery and small scale applique make up the label
the rose is the size of a dime. Notice the points of the leaves aren't bulky and really are pointed?
three different fabrics make up the spoon with the hand embroidery creating the detail. Do you know how COMPLICATED it is to quilt around hand embroidery on a domestic machine? The color is a bit washed out sorry.
this handle's design is hand embroidered with sewing weight thread.


I thought this was a better picture of the shortcake since the other one showed a pre-fix problem. 🙂


Just a touch of bling, don't want to assault your eyes!
I told you they were the size of a dime!

 I am REALLY happy with this quilt and think it is some of the best work I have done.  In fact I love it.  I am really happy to share the pattern for “Tea with Miss D.” in the book.  The pattern is an exact duplicate so if you want, you can have your own! 

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About Sandra

I am an Author, Designer, Illustrator and a major international award winning quilt artisan. I love working with fabrics and threads and they have become my medium of choice.

35 thoughts on “Some More Detail Shots of Tea with Miss D.

  1. Just unbelievable. The frosting looks good enough to lick. The details are out of this world. Thanks for showing us.

  2. Such amazing, beautiful work! Artistry is just wonderful! Do you see me waiting in line for your book!? It just proves again, when you take your time and really create something detailed, you are rewarded with a treasure that is priceless! Congrats!

  3. Sandra, thanks for the close-up photos! I wonder if I could ask for a close up of the strawberry shortcakes?

    Your embroidery just fascinates me. It is exquisite. It really makes such a difference and is beyond any other embroidery I have ever seen. The cupcakes look like you can touch them and then lick your finger! The detail on the spoon is sooo cool. I love that lacy stitch on the cup and those mini roses. A dime! Are you kidding?!

    Wish I could drool over it in person. This is the most beautiful quilt I’ve ever seen. Are you giving it to Miss D? I’ll bet she was thrilled with it. We applaud your talent. And thank you for sharing the pattern in your upcoming book!!!

  4. I love seeing your work up close !!! How did you create the tea bags? what is the fabric and what is inside ? Your spoons are awesome and the frosting looks good enough to eat . There are so many things that capture my attention , I could never be tired of looking at the treasure. I can see why it is your favorite.
    I have to say I still love” American Still Life ” , maybe because that was what really got me looking at applique as true art !!

  5. Melanie,

    Now WHY did I know you were going to ask? LOL. I do have close-ups of the strawberry shortcakes but the color was so off and well, they look icky compared to the reality that I didn;t show them.

    I will clean them up and insert them, but know they are BETTER in real life!

    My daughter claimed the quilt and Miss D. is more than happy with that and agrees.

  6. Boop,

    The teabags are made with silk organza, tea colored yarn snipped into bits + rootbeer colored seed beads that help keep the threads separated and not bunched into a wad. Remember I washed this quilt. People were so shocked at the show that I had. The “tea bags” looked great though.

    The instructions for these will be in the book and they are a multi-step process of layering the silk organza over a white cotton background, and a bit like a pillow, are left partially open during the applique stage and the “tea” is inserted and then the applique stitching completed. The tea lies between the cotton portion of the teabag and the silk organza top piece.

    If they cut out the complete *illustrated* instructions on ANYTHING in my book, I will provide those instructions and illustrations here for you.

    I am concerned since I made step by step illustrations for all the techniques and I noticed 2/3 of those illustrations had been cut in the final illustration count. I have seen nothing so far.

    So spread the word, if instructions are NOT clear, I will be happy to clarify here–no charge.

    I think it is important you understand and can duplicate this quilt without the frustration of missing illustrations!

  7. Sara,

    I am so happy you noticed the frostng and could lick it. When I was making these that is what I thought too. I was so excited, I called up my mom and said, “oh it looks like i could stick my finger in the frosting and I could lick it!”. I am easily excited by the small things. 😉

  8. Every time you show us this quilt, I find something new that I just love about it! I cannot wait for the book with the pattern and instructions, and thank you so much for being willing to share illustrations left out of the book.

  9. Thanks Denise!

    The one thing I love to do is send the viewer on a visual “treasure hunt”. The discovery of details is the fun part IMO.

  10. Thanks for the close-ups. I thoroughly enjoyed them, and am inspired! Your details and determination to perfect workmanship are absolutely inspiring.


  11. Just tried to look at Pat’s pictures but they have been “removed by request of AQS”. Your pictures are lovely and I can’t stop admiring the quilt. Can’t wait for the book to be released !

  12. WHAT????? I had NO problem with Pat posting those pictures! Can you say, a little more salt in the wound please? 😉

  13. I guess someone told on Pat for posting and rather than hunt every quilter down for permission, she just removed them.

    Thanks anyway Pat, it was really nice to know you liked the quilt! 🙂

  14. So… who is Miss D anyway? (I may have missed that post!) Will you be bringing this quilt with you to Asilomar? I have started appliqueing, but nothing hard yet. Just looking at your stuff both intimidates and inspires! How do you figure out what overlaps where? I’m assumign you do that at the drawing level, yes?

    I STILL think you were robbed. Very disappointed FOR you. Who were the judges?

  15. Yes Michele I will bring this to Asilomar along with American Still Life for your up close and personal perusal. 🙂

    I will help you figure out the applique and the good thing is we have so much time for one on one assistance.

    I will walk you through the mysteries. Not just technique, but WHY it works a particular way.

    The judges were (you can always tell by the judge’s choice awards): Karen Kay Buckley, Libby Lehman and Donna Wilder.

  16. Frances,

    The owner is already getting troubled at it being at AQS for so long for photography. I have a feeling I will probably not get it again as a loaner. 🙁

  17. Sandra, Your quilt is fantastic, I hope to see it in person some day. You should enter it at APWQ Pacific West Quilt Show in August 2011. Aren’t I bad plugging the Show, but you do what you have to do. Can’t wait for your book – we have to wait for 5 months!

  18. Peggy,

    You would be remiss if you did not plug such a wonderful show! You are so funny. How is the auction quilt coming? Tickets go on sale soon right? 🙂

  19. I believe you are talking about the BPQ Cityscape 2010 Raffle Quilt – the binding is being sewn on right now but the tickets won’t be ready until June. We’ll save you some tickets. Once the quilt is done, we’ll get a picture up on our website.
    I’ve been working on the next APWQ Invitational Traveling Exhbit and have 29 people already signed up – looking for 6 more. Maybe you? If not this one maybe the next.

  20. I keep looking and relooking and can’t believe what you have accomplished. How, for example, do you make the weaving latch look from the quilting behind the shortcakes ?

  21. Sara,

    With great difficulty. I do have a stencil that helps, but I have to make sure it lines up when I get to the end of the marking. You know, not having the lines skew as I go around?

    Then I have to make sure there is no distortion when marking around the embroidery.

    I had to want to do this. 😉

  22. Miss Peggy,

    If I didn’t have my back against the wall already, you know I would do another. 🙂

    I can not wait to see the raffle quilt all done!

  23. Your quilt leaves me breathless. The detail and the handwork are exquisite. The machine quilting is perfect. Also love your design and theme. Can’t wait to get your book. I had never used amazon and accidentally ordered 2. LOL.

  24. Nana9patch,

    Thank you!

    Were you able to cancel the second book on Amazon? If not, email me and I will walk you through it. I think the book is good, but you certainly don’t need two! You are in good company though, I do things like that all the time. Welcome!

  25. I have a friend who wants the extra book so it is not a problem. She is looking forward to it too!

  26. Oh good Nana9patch! Remember, to come back here and I will post a separate page (tab) that will have any important illustrations that may have been cut from the book.

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