The Tufted Titmouse is Now Available!


Many of you were waiting at your computers with your hands on the trigger Monday morning!  It has been so overwhelming that my shipping department (me) has been working non-stop all day since Monday!

All I can say is WOW! thanks for such a wonderful response to the new addition of our mystery applique quilt, “Naturalist’s Notebook”. I have also added a new page of specialty threads I used for the block(s) so if you want exactly what I used of the hard to find threads, they are there as an option for you. I do like to see what your imaginations can come up with too!

Be sure to look for this “Threads” button in the ala carte items beside the patterns.  This will let you know if there are specialty threads available for this block.

As we go along, I do have an idea of about how many kits to have prepped for those of you who want them.  I was way off the mark on this one but was prepared with extra fabric  just in case. I know a lot of you really count on the original fabrics. I will be busy cutting some more kits today to keep up with demand!

Another question I want to address is that some of you really like those fabric lists Iuplaod for the blocks and want one for the Titmouse.  I will be putting that up as well (under the block pattern) but it may take a few days since I am super busy filling the orders right now.

I have to give a shout out to Australia and Canada who really really like this series.  If you are from outside the United States, I do ship to you. Unfortunately due to a scam I encountered (fortunately, I pinched them before they got me) I do ask that you send me an email request of what items you want.

This is my system of verifying the order and identifying this is truly who you are. A pain in the backside, but a necessary evil I am afraid.

I will send you an invoice through Paypal so it is secure and try to ship at the best rate possible.  Just like you, I don’t like to waste good money on shipping!

I am frustrated beyond what is humanly possible with the month old backorder on the Cosmo threads. I do apologize for that and understand you want it all together and not have separate shipping issues.  I am just about bald over it.  I have contacted Cosmo directly and we will see what I can work out there as a direct supplier.

I know this is short and sweet but I have buckets of packages that need my attention.  I wanted to at least get out the over due announcement to those of you waiting on email updates!

Thanks for your enthusiasm, it makes me want to create more of what you like!






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About Sandra

I am an Author, Designer, Illustrator and a major international award winning quilt artisan. I love working with fabrics and threads and they have become my medium of choice.

11 thoughts on “The Tufted Titmouse is Now Available!

  1. I’m not surprised you got a lot of orders!
    It is gorgeous! Keep making more quilts …. Please! : )

  2. Thank you Sandra for spending so much time making sure that we are happy. Your patterns are very unique and breathtakingly beautiful, no wonder you are swamped with orders. Don’t stress about the Cosmo, we know you always do your best.

  3. Hi Sandra,
    On-line Registration for The AQS Des Moines show/classes is now opened on the organization’s site. It was a bit hard to locate…but if the black block “Register” is clicked; a person will be lead to registration and classes! Very exciting!!!! I’m really looking forward to meeting you and learning some tips in person!

  4. Sandra,
    Of course we want you to create more – to inspire and challenge us. But first, please take a breath. It sounds like you have been going non-stop. I’m sure I speak for others when I say that your conscientiousness is incredible, your attention to detail amazing, and your artisty spectacular. We love being a part of this with you!
    Take care,
    Miss Gini

  5. Perhaps you could recruit an intern?? However, as fussy and beautiful as your kits are, you would probably be stressing over the exacting quality that you require from someone who has too many raging hormones to take direction very well. (Think grocery store bagger boys).
    Thank you & Love all you do, hon.

  6. Hi Sandra, thank you so much for a wonderful week of classes at Asilomar. I’m working slowly on my block and enjoying it. I see that you’re coming to the Hudson River Valley in March and am hoping to join you there. Maybe I’ll even have my block finished by then.

  7. Ordered my kit….wish I could say that I was caught up on the other blocks for this project…but I will get caught up and sure don’t want to miss the chance of getting your latest pattern. I will keep a eye out for the notice that cosmo thread is in….since I work for Superior Threads I can get the MasterPiece but nobody around here carries the cosmo…Again thank you for sharing your talent with us.

  8. Somehow I think we would play together better than work together, running behind each other fixing the other’s work and all that.
    I am in the middle of the wren block again, with the kit this time. I am ansious to see the difference and if I have improved or digressed.

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