Back to Work and Catching Up


I am back from a relatively long trip for quilting business and going over the long to-do list and trying to get things organized in their proper order. I feel Like Sally Field when she said, “You Like me, you really-really like me!” at the Oscars ceremony one year.

Only in my case, “You like my designs, you really-really like my designs!”. I don’t think I could ever get tired of that affirmation. When one works in solitude for the most part, it is feedback that is well appreciated.

The first tsunami wave of ordering for Jason’s Grasshopper has now mellowed into regular normal waves.  I now have more blocks of time opening up and can move along to other duties that I have been unable to attend to due to a serious lack of time.

Before I left, I had packaged up some of the Kits for the Fall Needlebook. They are now listed on the site. Almost everything you need is in the kit AND the fabrics are of high quality and exactly what I used for mine. I even had the ribbons hand dyed to match my original ribbon color.


The beautiful and luxurious Oakshott Lipari fabric line for the needlebook lining is just dreamy to work with and admire for its lusciousness.


I ordered it from the UK company–not cheap I might add. Your needlebook, when finished, will be lovely, tasteful and very very nice. IMO





Several of you have asked about the Dovo Scissors. I was able to finally carve out some time to sit down and look through the catalog with focus and place an order. When the scissors come in, I will let you know.

I have ordered ten pairs with a variety finishes. If there is a style you want and you wish to place a pre-paid special order, I can do that too–just contact me with the details.


The Latest Naturalist’s Notebook Block on the Design Wall

I am going to be honest with you in that even I struggle sometimes with the right fabric choices. The latest block for the Naturalist’s Notebook is giving me fits as to the right color combination and being able to use *current* fabrics. The colors MUST BE RIGHT and they can not be rushed and pushed through for the sole reason of being done.

I think this pattern series has given you a great insight into why the creative process can not be rushed and the amount of time it really takes to create a masterpiece quilt from the initial design to finished quilt. A Master Class project that I am proud to say you are succeeding at–well done.

The pictures I have received are STUNNING and such a wide range of you from beginner to advanced. When we get closer to the end, I will set up a sharing gallery so everyone can show off their success.

Back to work….





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