Sandra? Whatcha Doin’?

I would love to say I am lounging on the couch eating bon bons and shirking off anything work related before I have to travel again but no.




Tree Damage and Ongoing Construction

Remember the tree that fell on the house? Well the house is put back in order and the construction on the abode itself has been completed (just done).

What you do not know is that the tree damage extended to half of my landscaped garden. A very big mess.

The massive tree wiped out three other medium sized trees along its downward path and smashed them to the point of oblivion leaving absolutely no signs of their existence. There is not one single clue as to where these beautiful specimens once stood.

I think you can guess what happened to the flowers and shrubs. They were probably pounded into the ground and I believe they are somewhere in China now along with the entire grassy area of lawn. Only a muddy swamp remains where it was once lush and beautiful.

So I have had to commit a considerable amount of time, while the weather has been good (mostly), to reconstructing and replacing the damaged landscape and garden. Those who know me well are shuddering at the thought of me and outdoor power tools. I have a reputation for committing bodily injury to myself with gardening tools.

I am in the midst of digging out and constructing a massive waterfall garden too that I have put off for ten years because of quilting commitments. I will share pictures when it is done. Right now, it is rather unexciting to look at unless you like big holes in the ground.




When the rain comes in and halts my progress on the reconstruction, which hasn’t been much, I have been working on creating a large quilt that has been designed with the Margarita Block(s).

I have slightly altered (updated) a few of the elements but below is the original prototype that is in demand to be a pattern. So much fun to work on.


margarita block_full_sm


I want to have a new BIG quilt completed and ready for the Margarita Block workshop at Empty Spools Seminars/Asilomar in 2016. The “More Threadplay with Applique”, Session III March 18-23 Workshop.


margarita quilt detail lt sharpened_sm


It has been awhile since I have had anything new that is full size and appliqued. The wholecloth was a diversion, a fun one, but now it is time to get back to my serious passion of Applique.

vivaldibymoonlight_full (3)sm



Naturalist’s Notebook

The next Naturalist’s Notebook block is designed and ready to become a reality in fabric and thread. An up close view of a Primrose and the long awaited dragonfly. For those of you who don’t like birds, this block has NO bird.




Just a partial hint.




The Last Child Graduates

Congrats my Sweet Girl!


My daughter, the youngest child, is graduating high school and that has also kept me busy and dare I say, just a little bit sad? Everyone told me they would grow up fast and well, they did. Apologies to Jenna who does not want her picture up on my blog but I am a proud mom and I will endure her punishment as a result because of that pride.




Off to England for the Month of August




I also leave for England for almost the entire month of August. Which means, no orders can be processed and shipped during that time since I am a company of one.

This will be a great trip and a fabulous itinerary (Thanks Val!). One of the many stops will be to attend the Festival of Quilts held in Birmingham. You could call it the UK’s “Houston”.

I am traveling with my quilt buddy and good friend Val to many, many places and checking off some of my bucket list destinations too! Call it the ‘Thelma and Louise go to England’ trip. For those of you who are Downton Abbey fans, Val scored in demand and sold out tickets for tea at Highclere Castle (aka Downton Abbey).




I will tip a pinky salute to you from across the pond.



My husband’s birthday is in August and I promise to celebrate it for him while I am in England and he is home holding down the fort. Isn’t that thoughtful of me?

I will have to make the event a good one so I can tell him how wonderful his MIA birthday party was! Hmm, maybe I will use his credit card to pay for it? <evil grin>

My birthday is really really close but I will probably spend it working on the waterfall and then relax with a cool Margarita in the shade. Believe it or not, that sounds like a great birthday to me. Quiet, uneventful and in the garden.

Now you are somewhat caught up with where I have been keeping myself and why I have been so quiet.

When I return from England, I will have a short turn around time until I leave for a teaching trip in Australia in September at Berrima Patchwork. I am so looking forward to seeing Tamsin and Sue and all the friends I have made in Australia. I love it there.

No quilt in the Houston show this year but I will be traveling to Festival to hang out and have fun with my quilting friends. Phew, this year has been busy!




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About Sandra

I am an Author, Designer, Illustrator and a major international award winning quilt artisan. I love working with fabrics and threads and they have become my medium of choice.

9 thoughts on “Sandra? Whatcha Doin’?

  1. Dear Sandra
    Good luck with all your plans.
    Your daughter is gorgeous!
    Any plans to offer the Margarita pattern for sale after Asimolar?

  2. Wow! You have been and are busy. I envy your ability to travel. And your daughter–she is beautiful. I hope you have the beautiful friendship my daughter and I share. Have safe travels!

  3. Just stopped in to say Happy Birthday. I know its within the next week, just don’t remember the date. I think it’s tomorrow, but not sure. See you in Houston.

  4. Sandra, Jenna is stunning! Congratulations and good luck at college. Happy Birthday to you, don’t overdo it with the garden; you don’t want to be taking painkillers instead of sipping that Margarita.

    That Margarite block is over the top! So delicate and beautiful. I hope you’ll pattern it after Asilomar.

    Enjoy the UK! I went when I was in HS and still treasure the memories.

  5. So nice to hear whats going on Sandra. I can hardly wait for the Margarita block (not the whole quilt). Can hardly wait for the Primrose.
    I know you will very much enjoy England. For my 50th Anniversary, my daughter and I went to England, Wales and Scotland. So fantastic. So many different everyday things. Like their wonderful sayings.My husband does not like to travel.
    Your daughter is strikingly beautiful. Takes after her mother.
    Wish I could afford to take all your Asilomar classes. So glad they are always full for you. Enjoy your life. We enjoy your life. Hugs, chris

  6. Dear Sandra, Your daughter ,Jenna, IS as exquisite as your applique and I wish her luck in her future.
    I am enjoying working, now and then, on the Naturalist’s Notebook. The blocks are my “go to project” when I need a break from hand quilting S.Garmin’s Ladies of the Sea. I can’t wait to get to them as my main project…they are so painterly fabulous!
    From an OLD June birthday GIRL (haha) to another…..Enjoy and have a margarita for me!
    May your August trip inspire your future quilt designs.

  7. Can’t wait for the new patterns. Your daughter is gorgeous. Modeling for school money?
    Happy birthday and have a margarita for me.
    Just blown away with that pattern’

  8. Happy Birthday Sandra! Congratulations to the beautiful and precious Jenna. I know you will love your visit to England and come back with new inspiration. I am looking forward to the next block with the primrose and the dragonfly. I really hope there will be a pattern for the Margarita block.

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