Applique Tutorials

Please feel free to use these tutorial PDF’s for your own personal use. I am happy to share these materials with those of you who are interested in learning. However if the honor system is broken and they are used to teach a class or workshop without my permission, then I will have to remove them and enforce the copyright.   To the 99.9% of you who are honest, I apologize for having to have to add this notice.  Thank you for your understanding.   


Basic Layered Applique

Using freezer paper templates and a vinyl overlay, this is a basic overview of how to sequentially place and stitch overlapping applique pieces.   





Easter Egg View

A reverse applique technique to create a “view” within a block.   








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4 thoughts on “Applique Tutorials

  1. I would like to view an older (2015) blog post. Are these available some where? My email takes me only to the current posting. Thanks.

  2. Angelia, on the right hand sidebar there is an area “Archives”. Just click on that area and a drop down menu of all of the months will appear and you can go back to the beginning and see them all if you like.

  3. Hello Sandra. I know that you showed a list of fabrics that you use, with their numbers. But, you failed to say where you get the fabric, including the background fabrics. I ordered your cup cake pattern and your applique book. Thank you, Tanya

  4. The fabrics are what I pull from my stash and then as a courtesy, provide a list. You will have to Google online shops or check brick and mortar shops on your own to duplicate my fabric choices.

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