At Last…The End!

Long time no write and I have forgotten how to do this stuff. It is amazing how fast technology changes and figuring it out after an absence is like having to start from the beginning again.

So here is what you need to know…

The *OPTIONAL* border pattern will be available next week. There will be no fabric or embroidery kits for this one. I tried, which is why this is so late. I just couldn’t scavenge enough (or find) the fabrics. I purchase the fabrics for the kits from retail shops so I am at their inventory’s mercy.

This was a difficult pattern to produce and also trying to squeeze it down as much as possible into the most cost effective sale price was a doozy.

Because it is a higher price than normal ($35.00 US), I will ‘print to order’ which will slightly increase the time between order and delivery to your mailbox.

I know everyone was ready for this pattern yesterday so my priority was to get this done (and templates) and now I will get all of the math finished for the remainder of the quilt construction.

You will be able to print off those final instructions free from the website under Naturalist’s Notebook when ready. (I will let you know both here and on Instagram)

The fabrics I used for the background and sashing that connect to the center block and border are no longer in print but substitutions are easy to find and the palette current.


Colors: White, light blue, a small amount of medium blue and a small amount of light taupe brown (all Stonehenge except white)

Fabrics: Stonehenge and Grunge can be found everywhere. If you can’t find white, I don’t know what to tell you.

The Clematis Border’s background yardage amount is 1.25 yards and that includes “slop” built in for the extra seam allowance area around each section for squaring up. The fabric I used is Moda Grunge “clear water” #30150-406

The border surrounding the Poppy Center block (med. blue) will need approximately a 1/2 yard. The instructions for connecting poppy center + 1/2″ blue border + Clematis border are on the pattern instructions for the border.

For those not doing the Clematis border, they will be included in the final instructions.

The taupe brown border will be in the overall instructions that are printed off later when posted. The Clematis border should keep you busy for awhile.

I will let you know via my Instagram (@sandraleichner) and here when the remaining construction directions are available to print off.

Australia: Berrima Patchwork will be carrying (taking orders) for this pattern.


Once I get the final construction instructions up and available I will be putting a period to this project. Thank you to all of you who have stayed with me from the beginning. I had no idea what I was stepping into when this started with only a few people. Now we are an international and very large in number.

For those of you who were not at the Houston Quilt Festival Winners Luncheon, I want to attach the short speech I gave for Naturalist’s Notebook that won the Founder’s Award (huge). It is important to me for you to know how much I value your input and encouragement.

If you want to get updates on what I am doing more often, Please go to my Instagram. It is easier for me to post an instantaneous picture than to write a blog post.

Until next time,