Making Sure A Design Works



Any design can look good on paper, but will it work when put to needle and thread?  This is what I have to work out before I let it out to you.  Since I actually DO hand applique, I know what will work and what has to be adjusted so that it actually will work with HAND applique.  Enough emphasis for you? 

Before I begin, I create the pattern (obviously), a numbering guide and the freezer paper templates.  These all have to coordinate and work in tandem with each other perfectly. The numbering must be correct and the freezer paper templates fit back together correctly and accurately.  I work from the same materials as I give to you in workshop kits etc. If I have an issue, you are going to have an issue and we can’t have that now can we?

Many times I do adjust pieces or areas in a design I know will be a stretch for most applique-rs and myself included.  I also make notes of what can be made even easier if the person so chooses that option. 

I have found that most of my students want a challenge (YEAH!) and don’t want the easy option, but instead they go for the difficulty to raise their skill level.  I design the original at that higher level, but will also build in a few easier (intermediate) alternatives  if someone wants an “out”.  There are not many of these though. 



There are always corrections, testing and then re-testing those changes to make sure they are fixed.  Immediately going back to the computer to record the changes as I work is also important.  If I wait until the end of the whole process, the issues are no longer fresh and I can make unfortunate mistakes due to bad note taking or memory.  Then you find them and that is definitely NOT a good thing!



With a pattern like the Goldfinch block, there are smaller pieces and this is where I usually make sure they are do-able.  Sure some may drop their jaw and whine, but I know you can do it, riiiiiiiiiiight?  You just have to leave that secure coddling of larger pieces behind you and venture forward.  However, sometimes there are some pieces that are just too much of a pain in the bu*t and need some alteration so they can be do-able without too many screams or fits, even by me.



All of the petals of the first flower have been completed and all numbering checked and corrected.  Now to move on to the Goldfinch. 

I had a massive headache yesterday so I am behind in responding to email etc.,  I will catch up and I haven’t forgotten you!

 Everyone have a nice weekend.

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