New Embroidery Threads & A Side Project



Little by little, I keep adding new colors of Cosmo cotton embroidery threads to my thread stash.  The more I work with these threads, the more I really like them.  As my color selection grows, I know I will grab these first now and then fill in any colors I don’t have from the DMC threads. 

They really are wonderful threads to work with.  Since they are colorfast, I don’t have to worry about any bleeding issues either.  I really haven’t found any negatives for these Cosmo threads yet!  They also have lovely variegated colors now too.  Yummy

I recently ordered them from Crabapple Hill Studios.  I love, love, love, her hand embroidery patterns and since we are re-decorating Jenna’s room, her new pattern of the Postcard Pillow  turned on a light bulb idea in my head.  Meg, your pattern is lovely of course, but I had to customize it just a smidgen for Jenna.  🙂 

I revised the stamp with my drawing of the Eiffel Tower image etc. in the upper left corner


Her room is decorated with a French feel so I created an Eiffel Tower stamp and made the message in French and to Jenna into postcard pillow design.  Other than that, I left much of the original design alone which is saying a lot for me!  I mess with everything.   When the pillow is finished I will post a picture for you.

I know you all think I eat, drink and sleep quilts, but no, I do other things too!  Sometimes I want to do something that is not quilting.  Right now, quietly hand stitching a cute Crabapple Hill embroidered pillow project for my daughter is a welcome side project and helps recharge my brain for when I return to my quilting and designing. 

I also was able to get in some serious gardening last weekend.  I am on a roll!

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