Sneek Peek At the Blackberry Thief



If you can remember…..

In the last post, I was giving you an indication that you are going to become very comfortable (eventually) with small circles for the next block. If you use glue, some sort of interfacing, starch, etc…. You will make your life a living hell when it comes to the detail embroidery elements. Let me give you a graphic mental visual because a picture would be way too gross. Bloody fingers that look like hamburger. Does that cover it?

I have been working so hard on this block and I have never, never, torn out so much and had so many problems. I thought I had designed it to go quickly but nooooooo, just the opposite. Now do not fret, this will not carry over to your experience. This is what happens to me while creating and designing and choosing colors and fabrics and………It will all be worked out when you get it.

The blackberries are NOT dimensional. Cool huh? The fabric I chose for this did 75% of the work to make it look that way. I am also experimenting and getting really good consistent results with some of the Cosmo variegated floss. a more painterly effect without having to worry about how the values and colors lay as I stitch.




For those of you who have taken my Fall Wreath Workshop, this will be a breeze because you learned the stitch techniques involved with the blackberries. If you have not, no worries because it looks much harder than it really is.

Although this block has cost me so much time, I am REALLY pleased with the transformation. I am almost at the finish line (I have to be). I tucked in an international date that came with a custom design request so I am actually on a 12 hour day stitching schedule.

Prepare for this best block yet (and next to last) Naturalist’s Notebook block 9: The Blackberry Thief┬áto make its debut January 2017. I am starting out the new year on the road back to back with prep and teaching through April. Then I am home to work on stitching again (purposely) until fall.

For those of you who have been asking…..YES! The Academy of Applique in Williamsburg and I FINALLY were able to get a year that worked! I have agreed to 2018 and will be looking forward to coming back to Williamsburg, Virginia.

I will try and get my schedule updated for 2017 (Empty Spools (twice), Australia , Seattle, WA) as soon as I can.


Candy Cane garland




Thank you for hanging with me and I wish you all the very best of the season and happy holidays!


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