The Blue Tit is Now Available!



Happy New Years My Friends!

<cue the confetti>


Are You Ready for Some Fabulousness?

The Naturalist’s Notebook: England’s Blue Tit Pattern (#8) is now available on the site. I always feel there should be a blast of celebration horn music when everything is ready.

The floss kits are going to be a bit late though…..grrrrr. December is not a good time to find items in stock at the distributors, especially Cosmo floss. It will probably be in mid-late January but that is a guess on my part. There are a lot of colors in this one so it gets a bit dicey to find all in stock in the quantities needed.

I have also re-stocked Fabric Kits for the Fairy Wrens, Val’s Rhody and Jason’s Grasshopper.

I do want to pass on a PUUURFECT fabric for the flowers. I ordered it only a week ago ’cause I thought it was pretty and OMG! it was the perfect fabric for those flowers. It has a variety of values and subtle hues to work with. Remember when I was talking about how you find the perfect fabric when you are finished??



Benartex #7038-06 Tropical Breeze Balis

If you prefer to collect your own fabrics rather than use a fabric kit, but want the coloration I have chosen, remember to find the flower fabric in the lightest range of “orchid” purple. It is not easy to find these lighter, softer colors in a batik.

I found a batik is needed to give the petals that silky transparent appearance. I thought the woven cottons were a bit “hard” and clunky. Besides, I think tone on tones are a rare find these days and if you do find them, they are never in the color you want. The effort to find them, for me, didn’t yield a big visual payoff.

Make sure you line your light colored batiks such as the one above before you applique the piece down to the background so you do not get the unsightly peek-a-boo shadowing.



As promised, I have packaged up printed Water Soluble sticky backed embroidery templates for the Adonis Butterfly and also The grasshopper for the Jason’s Grasshopper pattern.




I am preparing to start in on the next block, “The Blackberry Thief” and get prepared for the new year of teaching. My New Year’s Resolution is to try and post more and share my process as I work.

That is the plan anyway.





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