The Unveiling: Block 10 The Pardalot’s Confusion


Cue the horns…..The block is finished. Hands down my favorite without question. If you have been doing each block from the beginning, you will notice how they evolve artistically along the way. I hope each one has given you the technical and artistic experience it has me. I too have grown along side of you.

In case you were not aware, I deviously included rote technique exercises within each block. Unbeknownst to you (or maybe you guessed), you were repeating over and over  a different focused technique skill building exercise with each block.

By the time you have finished all ten blocks, there is nothing, NOTHING, you can not do stitching small, medium and large applique designs. You can do ANYTHING now. Pat yourself on the back because you deserve it!


Really? No Paint?

Also, as you have progressed (especially those of you with fabric kits) you have learned by osmosis how to create a painted look to your applique with fabric choices that will no doubt be an advantage when continuing on with future projects of your choice. This is something that, despite all the claims, can not be taught in a class in one to five days. It really can’t if it doesn’t come naturally.

You need that hands on experience to absorb and learn over a longer time period, which is different for every person. For those who do not have a natural intuitive ability, you will have absorbed this information subconsciously and your brain will file it away automatically ready to be called upon without too much effort. Your brain can’t help it.

The same holds true when using embroidery in the way I do as the detail “paint” rather than an embellishment feature. You learn by DOING and with your own time line. When you work on a long term project that allows you time to process all the details and skills, The benefits go beyond quilting.


Oh That Checkerspot, I knew it was going to be a Challenge

The applique went really quick on this and the embroidery took a bit longer. I knew the Checkerspot would be a difficult one and I was right. On such a small scale, though larger than the Adonis we did on the Blue Tit, I did have to eliminate some detail in order to make it do-able without getting lost. A complicated task even under a magnifying lamp. I mean, really? it looked so big on my computer screen! <snort>

Winging the Checkerspot in situ on the block was not fun but I got ‘er done. Now to re-draw the corrections.


The Expense was Worth it

The Fuchsias, sigh, what can I say? I bought A LOT of different varieties and baskets of them this summer to study. OK, to beautify my garden too but I justified the expense to:  “study” er, “education”.

I wanted them to look dimensional and not flat–blah. How to do that on this scale without a million tiny pieces? Trust me, the final fuchsias had many, MANY pieces removed from the first draft pattern. I knew you would never forgive me if I left them in.

They were enough to create a situation where men in white coats would come and take one away in a fit of hysterics. Nope, I just couldn’t live with my own conscience if I did that so out they went. The flowers didn’t need the extra pieces and my mental health (for the most part) is still in tact and healthy.

Now the process of writing up everything, cutting fabric kits…If I work really hard, the first part of January everything will be ready. That is a best case scenario.

Miscellaneous Stuff…

Workshops Updated

I have updated the workshop schedule dates for 2018 on the right side of the page. For those of you who were asking about a workshop in Idaho, that workshop information is there too. I am *seriously* cutting back even more in 2020 so I can create some quilts again.


I find it much easier to post a photo to Instagram as an update than to spend a full day preparing a blog post. I will be using that more often in the future. You can click on the button link in the sidebar to get there.

Speaking of Gardens…

Happy 175th Birthday to my gardening idol and legend, Gertrude Jekyll! Her garden and design philosophy still inspires to this day. When we think of English gardens, she was arguably the most influential of her time.

A peek into my garden and source of design inspiration


Holiday Time!

I will be away most of December spending time with family for the holidays. Please note that orders placed the 12th through January 2 will ship after that time.

I wish you and your families the very best and wonderfully happy holidays!


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