Book Update


The Cover

I promised I would let you know of any updates on the book as I knew them. Yesterday I received the title and cover image from my editor that the publishing committee chose for my book.  Just like you, I had no idea what these would be. 

Fall is still the tentative publishing date and receiving this bit of info starts to make it real.  My kids are unimpressed until they see and hold the real thing.  No chance of a runaway ego with them around!


Denise wrote to me and said Amazon already has the book available for pre-order.  Wow, that was fast!


Sorry I have been absent lately.  I have been overwhelmed (understatement) with things I need to get done and unfortunately I couldn’t make time to write anything other than, “Calgon take me away” here in the blog.  I think we all suffer from these moments and I needn’t bore you with mine! 

I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and that is a very good thing as Martha would say.  😉