Asilomar is Always Magical


Jans_asilomar_beach_blgphoto courtesy of Jan Sweetland


Although I had my yearly Flu shot, I got  the Flu really really bad the week running up to Asilomar teaching. The environment in Monterey beside the ocean soon had me right again.

My student Jan, took this picture on her morning walk. Yes, this place is really that cool which is why I always come back as long as they want me. We played with new threads and some extra special embroidery techniques and I loved the many different variations on the pattern.

I know I always say this, but believe me, it is true. I have the most wonderful people/students in my workshops and this session was no exception. You guys are the best and my sides still hurt from the raucous laughter.


The Joy of Travel-or not

I am glad I was in a good mood as I left to travel home from Asilomar. The flights from Monterey to Portland took a total of 12 hours. Yep, 12 hours. I was checked for bomb making materials at every check point.

Then I got an unexpected bonus checkpoint in San Francisco since the Alaska Airlines domestic flight gates are located inside the international terminal. I hadn’t eaten at all and I had picked up a sandwich and drink not realizing I had to go through security yet again.

I was so flustered that I forgot about the Coca Cola in my carry on bag. Fortunately I had been ushered through the Pre-check line and the TSA agent was nice. Although he needed to test my bag for Bomb making material.

My carry on bag is so clean it whistles now.

Note to self: do not buy art glass and bring home in carry on. The art glass must have looked very devious on those X-ray machines.

That nefarious item, along with the deep dark circles under my eyes and the tired hungry frown from the adventurous 12 hours that should have been 2 probably made me look suspicious? I eventually got home around 1 a.m. in the morning.




For those who wanted an alert:

I now have the pattern, templates, fabric kit, and embroidery kit for the Aussie’s Fairy Wrens block ready and listed on the website shop for purchase. Many of you have already discovered that.

I am off soon to tape a feature show with The Quilt Show (Ricky and Alex’s show) so I need to get some prep work done for that so I look somewhat intelligent. (no laughing out there)

I am trying to carve out some time to show you some cool new tricks that I found are WONDERFUL for streamlining my applique.  In fact, I cut out all of my Asilomar (session I) students’ 75+ circle templates for them with a new toy.

Once I get a break in the travel, there is a lot of it this year, I will share the fun stuff with you. Hopefully, that is something to look forward to?

I totally blew up the blog site for hours today and got it back not understanding how, but I will be grateful.