A Fresh Look

“Thank You, Thank You, Thank you!” for your patience as everything imploded on my WordPress site and email. This became the perfect storm and I made it through to the other side. <knock on wood>

If you haven’t noticed already, things have changed a little bit visually and mechanically here on the blog.

The fix took a lot of hard work, but all is cleaned up and things are working properly again complete with SSL security (although where is the little green lock?). I am mentally drained but the good news is my marriage is still intact after teaming with my husband to get to the root of the “crash”. He is so calm and I am so crazy in these matters. You could say I test and strain his level of calm.


The bad news is, the blog update subscriber file at the moment is trashed. I might be able to save that if I can get my husband to do his magic and write me some work-around code. I have switched to a new service for sending out updates but at this moment in time, only the new subscribers from this point forward will receive them. I will let you know if the list can be saved.

Is the email contact working?  “yes!” (no previous emails came thru, they are gone)

can I subscribe for future updates?  “yes!”

Now that this emergency is over and the long overdue fixes and updates are almost completed, I can get back to creating again. Hmmm, maybe since my brain is absolutely fried, this might be asking too much.

On the creative front…….


A test illustration on my idea and working through drawing the forms

I am teaching a Mystery project at Berrima Patchwork’s Quilting in the Highlands in Australia during the month of April. The courageous students have no idea what they will be doing until class time. Can I say, “it will be totally worth it?”. I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this design and it is a stand alone project when finished.

I have a mountain of back logged work due to the “crash” so best be getting on with it!