Block 10: The Pardalot’s Confusion–Update

As you probably have noticed, I took a long break from technology. It was sucking up all of my time and left nothing for my life or work. The constant hacks of WordPress plugins (and yes...MAIL AGAIN), I just threw up my hands in frustration and focused on getting something that counted done.

I did not attend Houston this year either so no armchair judging I am sorry to say. Too much going on at home to attend.

Now then, some have been in a panic thinking that I have abandoned my responsibilities. Um…no, I actually have been working harder on them.

The new block features an Australian Pardalot and a Checkerspot Butterfly. The flowers, as you can see above, are Fuchsias. I am so proud of this one and I think I ended the blocks with the best one.

Why the title, “The Pardalot’s Confusion”? You will not find a Checkerspot butterfly in Australia. I took a massive artist’s liberty here. My daughter (at university studying Natural Resources) was appalled I would put them together in the same block. Hence the Pardalot’s confusion! The butterfly and bird will be staring directly at each other curiously because they both have the same colors and they are unfamiliar with each other.

Everything, pattern etc., will be ready at the start of January (after the holidays).


My Heart Belongs in Australia Table Runner

I created a totally new table runner pattern at the request of my friends at Berrima Patchwork-Australia that took the first part of 2017 to finish. I haven’t had time to list it because…I am working on Block 10 and I would have to stop and take time out.


Naturalist’s Notebook Project: info if relatively new….

Many people came late to this blog and are unaware of the original outline of the project of the Naturalist’s Notebook blocks.

  • New blocks were to be created as *I had time*. Do not worry, I won’t leave it unfinished. My mother brought me up well to work hard and to be true to my word. Did you really get that Blackberry Block done that quickly??? I am so impressed!
  • This began as an off the cuff mystery applique quilt project which is why there is no finished quilt information–it is a mystery. I finally drafted a “proposed” basic quilt layout for those who were unaware of this. However, I can tell you that the proposed quilt layout has changed. I am already working out the pattern for the border around the center and the measurements are far different than originally conceived. Yep, it is getting bigger, not smaller.
  • There will be NO FABRIC KITS FOR THE BORDER. I am not a quilt shop and it would be prohibitively expensive. Fabric companies really are losing out by ignoring appliquers. We use soooo much fabric!

The entire quilt project will be wrapped up by the end of 2018 barring any unforeseen problem(s). I haven’t been able to create a quilt of my own desire from start to finish (competition or for home) since 2003 and I am ready to bring the ideas in my head to life. So yeah, I want this done–probably more than you do.


Who knows how long the plugins will keep the hackers at bay. If you have an order question or concern, use the email listed on your PayPal receipt for communication. You will get a much swifter reply and importantly, I will see your email.

Talking about emails, I say the following with a warm smile….I do not give private lessons via email so I do not respond to those due to fairness to my students who pay for classes. I really don’t have time to do the lookup of a link address on Google that could easily be done by the “sender” so those go unanswered for obvious reasons. When a pattern is listed in the shop, the pattern is available. If it is not in the shop, it is not. The time it takes to respond to these examples takes valuable time away from getting actual designing and applique done so I know you can understand.

This should get you all caught up and hopefully should calm any concerns. When I get my to-do list checked off, I can hopefully get back to creating more substantive posts. For now, time to thread a needle…….