Better Late Than Never?


Hi all, It has been awhile (ya think?) but I will first address the question of what I bought while in Houston for Festival.

I do not think anyone will be surprised that new and different threads were on my list of seek and buy. Even though I may not have any idea what to use them for, I still buy what makes me giddy.

In the photo above are some “new to me” threads from Keri’s Designs based in Hawaii. I went NUTS, beyonds NUTS actually, over these gorgeous over-dyed threads.

What really intrigued me were these metallic over-dyed skeins of Kreinik Artisan Dyed #8 braid. Sumptuous stuff and I am going to incorporate these into the Margarita quilt (whenever I get to it).



Keri also had a lovely variety of silk ribbons too so they hopped into my basket too as I passed by.



Another of my “MUST HAVE” stops is at Laura Wasilowski and Frieda Anderson’s Artfabrik booth. Laura has the most delicious hand dyed threads in the Perle weight cottons. My favorite weight is the delicate #12.

Laura is also an avid hand embroidery person like me and she has her own unique creative twist she uses in her quilt designs.



I have a new way of creating beautiful dragonflies (the Des Moines class got to see them!) and now I am on the hunt for the finer holoshimmer/metallic threads. Superior Threads (of course) has a beautiful line of them so I picked up a bunch and Sulky also has some nice ones too.



I did buy some fabrics but not too many since I can get what I want online all year round. But a mandatory stop at Fabric Fanatics paid off with some choice batiks. I buy from them online  all the time so it was a nice opportunity to see some of their stock in person.

The new product that caught my eye and intrigued me was the Luminarte paints. To say I went nuts with the $$ is an understatement. I think I bought every color. You just never know what you are going to need when you find a project that will make good use of these!

This was a hoppin’ booth ALL THE TIME. I know I was far from the only one excited about these. I have no idea what I will use them for but they looked like fun. This is another scrapbook product transitioning to a quilting purpose I believe.



My sister is a scrapbook-er so if I find they don’t work out for me, they will be handed over to her to get busy with.


The Absence

I call November my meltdown month. EVERYTHING and EVERYONE hit me at once and all those balls I keep precariously juggled in the air? came crashing down BIG TIME.

If you read my Tweet, you know my bank accounts were wiped out. three different financial institutions. The credit Unions were fabulous and all was taken care of instantly. Wells Fargo? OMG, I am STILL working with them to get it straightened out. What a mess and they made it so.

As soon as this is finally made right, the money will be moved and the Wells Fargo account closed. Can someone tell me exactly why we bailed out the big banks? Keystone cops comes to mind the way they love their red tape that has no reason or logic.

I grabbed the wrong end of a very sharp knife. I wrapped my fingers tightly around the sharp edge of the blade without looking thinking it was the handle end. The result? I sliced each one of the fingers wide open along the middle joints on the inside of my right hand. I am right handed. Big mistake.

If the task needed the use of my hand, it didn’t happen. The cuts are healed now (almost) and lesson learned the painful way as always with me. However, Miss D? you still win the most gruesome injury for the this year.

Consider yourselves all caught up now. I, on the other hand (no pun intended) am not caught up by a long shot. If you have been waiting for an email response, it will be coming slowly. I was averaging almost two hundred emails a day in my absence from being unable to do anything computer related while I healed, so I think you can guess I am waaaaaaay behind in responding.

We are gearing up for Christmas so not much is going to change in relation to time management issues. I have finished up the secret challenge project for one of the national magazines and started the design for the next Naturalist’s Notebook block (Nuthatch).