Clematis Finale



You will notice I added one more design element, (I couldn’t help myself), to finish off the Clematis block.  I printed off some text from a chosen font from my computer and sized it appropriately to the flower design.  For someone extolling the virtues of simple embroidery stitches, I must admit I had really never used the back stitch much for outlining.  Lately I have seen a lot of needlework artists, who mainly do embroidery blocks for quilts, use this over the stem stitch.  I was intrigued.

The lettering gave me an excellent opportunity to play with this.  I love it! I instantly saw why they are using it over the stem stitch for outlining images, text, etc.,  It gives a nice texture, hugs the lines and is easy and a relaxing “do it while you watch TV with the family” embroidery.




I didn’t do any fancy quilting, just my usual texture background fill that helped to enhance the burlap appearance of the background fabric.  If I had time on my hands, (sure you betcha), I would create a multiple block quilt designed of different flowers like this.  Too many other things in line ahead of it right now. 

 I make little quilts like this to give myself a hit of instant gratification and that is enough to satisfy me so I can continue to make progress on the quilts that demand a larger chunk of time to complete.  They are also great for display in my sewing room because they take up very little space, yet give me a sense of accomplishment.

One more thing…..

Remember how I talked about the values in the fabric choices?  Look at the top photo and imagine if I had used prints, solids, or the same value in fabric choices.  Do you see how that would have changed this outcome considerably?  Whether your intent is to create whimsical, folk, painterly, or whatever style of design, color value is the important consideration before a stitch ever takes place to reach that style goal you envision.




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