Those Frixion Pens and a Caution



While working on the Blackberry Thief block, I decided to use the Frixion pen to mark embroidery lines. One of my students let me know I should only use the blue one for a relative guarantee that the ink will disappear and not return later.

I know some of you are gasping, but……I really want to mark fine lines for embroidering over and not have them disappear (not needed really since the embroidery covers it).

Normally I use the Bohin white ceramic (like chalk) fine “pen” style marker to test out where I want to make my embroidery lines etc. So as I finished my block, I doodle in some test lines to give me an idea of how the details will look once stitched. I couldn’t see the blue on most of the leaves so I just ironed them away.



Then a discovery. I didn’t notice right away but  after a few days, three maybe? I went back to work on the embroidery and I noticed these light colored lines on the leaf batiks where I had been marking in the veins. Ironing didn’t make them disappear. It was as if the ink had taken 50% of the color from that area of the batik when it was removed.

The cotton woven fabrics? no problem, everything gone and cold/hot tests do not bring the marks back. The problem affected all batiks equally and consistently. Different companies, different colors and different greige fabric. Not one of them was free of the line mark bleaching.

I will still use the Frixion pen (blue) to mark on woven cotton print fabric (with caution) since it created no issues and made such clean lines to follow. However, I will not mark on my batiks with the pen. My handy dandy Bohin marker will remain my workhorse for that.





It is that time of year again when we go to Summer Camp (Empty Spools Seminars-Asilomar). Well, that is what I like to call it because that is what it feels like–A summer camp for quilters! This year in session four I get to play more and interact on a *variety* of techniques since it is more of an open teaching environment.

I am doing something new this year with the second session I am teaching. “Independent Study” does not mean I abandon you to struggle. Actually it is just the opposite since a wide variety of questions create multiple teaching and learning moments that can not be covered in a structured project class.



When students are working playing with a variety of projects from my previous workshops, or any of my patterns for the first time, or on-going, the questions are much more varied and learning is enriched for everyone.

I do not sit around and work on my own projects and let you fend for yourself, We actively engage individually and as a group. The bonus is the environment in which we learn–heaven.

I hope I see you in 2017!



I am still working on getting the code incompatibility issues cleaned up for blog updates via email. I am also going to try and switch to a new theme so there may be teething issues coming up. I found it is the Newsletter plugin that is causing issues and misbehaving so you know what that means. There will be no delivery via email at this time.



Unbeknownst to me, my email has not been working since at least before October 2016. I found out today during today’s “trying to fix” what has been afflicting my WordPress files.  

You will receive a message that your email was sent successfully but……It never arrives in my box. For those of your requesting international orders, order as though it is a US order and I will invoice you for the shipping difference. Domestic Orders please use the PayPal contact email if you need help.

Please know I was not ignoring you but never received your emails! 



For those interested, I should have a few more Floss Kits available for the Blackberry Thief next week.I think that covers things for now. Back to the work table and shipping department. You all are the best and keep making those masterpieces!