New BlackBerry Thief Pattern Available


I promised to release the new block and related items in January and I worked very hard to make it so. Yes, I know it is the *end* of January but I got it done Thanks to my mighty assistant Jason and all of his help. Click here to go to the shop

As of this date, the Embroidery kits are almost gone gone. I bought every box of the floss colors I could at the distributor and if you have been with me any length of time, you will know I have to wait for a ship from Japan for the re-stock.

As you know there is one block left (#10). Think Fuchsias. Then the border and we are done! For those who complete the entire quilt, I am thinking of having custom labels made as a reward to add the last finishing touch.


You may be also wondering why this new post wasn’t sent to email subscribers. Where do I start?

One plugin update has created havoc and I am still working to unscramble what is going wrong. Like I have time for this?? I am married to a computer genius and even he is stumped for now. It has become like a twisted knot of code errors and we have to tease each one out one by one. Time I do not have right now.

Basically at this point, I was able to quickly send out blog updates this evening to those of you who are email subscribers (lets hope they reach you before any crashes as I plug away). The Subscriber bar is out of order too–missing actually. I am lucky just to have the blog running at this point because late yesterday, that did not look likely either.

I think I have to resign myself to the fact that a *business only* Facebook page may be necessary because this constant battle with incompatible codes and versions, my dear friends, is becoming ridiculous.

For my friends who are in utter shock and disbelief that I would consider Facebook, Sometimes I have to do what I have to do. Now wipe that smirk away–please.

Website is working fine so no worries on ordering your goodies.