Time for Some Details



First: Book News

I have some book news for those of you who have been asking.  Tentative scheduled release is Fall 2010 with AQS.  Which month this will occur will be nailed down later in the editing process and of course I will let you know as soon as I know.


Embroidery Detail Time

I have all of the applique finished for the center circle portion of Jason’s quilt and before I move on, I will do the embroidery details.  I always work in “sections”.  Meaning when the applique is finished for a specific section of work, I immediately follow with the embroidery detail.  If I left all of the embroidery to the last when all of the applique was done, quite frankly, I would lose interest in finishing. 

Working in “sections” keeps the project interesting.  Think of it like breaking a large project into small design areas that, when completed, do give me a sense of instant gratification much like a small quilt would.  If you notice, my quilt designs have very few repetitive images so each step is new, fresh and interesting.  If I had to do multiple applique blocks that were the same thing over and over and …., I would NEVER finish. 

To be honest, I would have abandoned applique a long time ago if I had to do that.  This is also why I have never had a love for doing pieced quilts.  Too repetitive and geometrically constrained to hold my interest.  My hat is off to those who create pieced quilts and stick with it.

I love those plastic boxes I pick up at Joann’s for organizing my floss color selections for a project.  You can see I organize by color and then value.  It makes it easy to spot the right color when I am working.  I don’t know what the exact perfect color choice will be in advance so I select a bunch in the color range of the fabrics I am using.  I also keep a notebook by my side and make a note of which color number, thread type, number of strands and stitch type while I am working. 




My short term memory is almost nil (seriously) and when I have to go back and refine, add or correct in a section later, I know exactly what I did with no struggling to remember.  Anything that makes it easier ya know?

Everyone have a great weekend and find time for yourself and needle and thread.




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