Val’s Rhododendron Pattern Hot Off the Press



Well maybe not smoking hot off the press but close enough. I have listed the pattern and templates for sale on the shop page so they are now available for purchase.

Thank you for your patience as I was off globe trotting to a teaching engagement in the land down under. For those of you in Australia, I just shipped off an order to Berrima Patchwork and the patterns should arrive within six business days.

I have to figure out the fabrics and get them cut for the kits so obviously, those are not available right now. This also means I will try and get more of the other block kits cut and re-stocked at the same time for those of you who have been asking for them.

Floss kits will be available for the Val’s Rhododendron block too and any duplicate colors from previous blocks will not be included in these kits but will be available individually to keep you from buying multiple skeins of the same color.

Please, I beg you, do not ask to reserve kits. There are just too many to keep track of anymore and I am unable to do it due to the volume. As long as you do not wait six months or a year to order, you should be able to get a kit with the original selection of fabrics.




I want to thank my hosts Sue and Tamsin Harvey of Berrima Patchwork for treating me like a queen and my students were fabulous. Aussies Rock! The Master class was a joy and it was a genuine treat to meet up with previous students and spend some quality time together doing what we love….Applique.

One of the great benefits of these larger multi-day retreats is the time I get to spend with the other teachers. Of course seeing Mariya Waters again made me very happy. I also got to meet two more Aussie names I have come across in competition and admired their work, Ruth Bloomfield (you are a sweetie) and Julie Haddrick (my kinda artsy gal).

I am on the Houston International Quilt Association Board of Directors with Marti Michell and I really enjoyed getting to know her better. I used her templates when I first started to piece (the only time I pieced) and if a pattern or design idea did not have the scale of her templates? I didn’t make it. Yes, I like them that much.



Which reminds me, want GREAT instructions for continuous binding and the joining of it at the ends? Buy Marti’s Corner Trimmer Template. It comes with an instruction booklet that makes continuous binding a breeze. I was against a deadline (again) and grabbed this off my ruler wall. I am so VERY glad I did! 1, 2, 3 and I was done and the binding was perfect.

I have all of the other continuous binding info materials on the market, but only every five years I decide to do the continuous binding technique and I forget and struggle to understand those directions. Marti’s was easy to understand and I had no issues whatsoever. Luv ya Marti.

There are two things I desperately tried to figure out how to get home with me.

1) The Beef Pies from Stones Patisserie in Berrima (OMG! I drool at the thought)



2) The beverage I am addicted to and think about constantly now that I am home– ┬áSolo



It is a good thing I didn’t try to get these in my bag since the American TSA popped open my checked bag to search it. Exploding soda cans would not be a good ending for me and my trip. I think they thought the multiple (lots of them) stacked containers of Tim Tams were bricks of something else nefarious. Use your imagination.

Next, I am off to Houston and I did get a quilt in the show. Some of you know what the quilt is and others will just have to guess until after judging. If you do not have a subscription to Machine Quilting Unlimited (why not?), This quilt will be on the November cover with an article.

Next up with the Naturalist’s Notebook is the Australian block of the Blue Wrens. I really like this one.

Take care and keep stitching!