Color Me Proud


I am not sure if all are aware, but International Quilt Festival has a new exhibit debuting in Houston this year called “Eye of the Quilter: Inspiration”.  A call for entries was put out for digital photography of images that inspired quilts.  Not for actual quilts, and you may never make a quilt from the image, but a photography exhibit that will be professionally produced.

Some of you already are aware from reading this blog that my twelve year old daughter Jenna loves to create.  Her major talent lies in photography.  She has a gift for composition and it serves her well when teamed with a camera.  One day she asked to borrow my Nikon SLR camera and brought back the most stunning image (among others). 

Her photo was her own work without any assistance from me and we entered her photo.  Yesterday she received a notice (handwritten card, very lovely with show entry tickets) that her photo was accepted and would be exhibited.  12 years old!  She was sooooo happy and I was so incredibly proud.  She has more courage than I.

 I cannot display the photo here before it is exhibited by Quilts, Inc. obviously, but if anyone is going to Houston, I would love to have a wide inclusive picture of her photo, “Perfume Bottles”, hanging in the exhibit.

Oh and I have one in too, but I am WAY more excited for her!  Kids are fearless aren’t they?