Trading up–Or Not



For Mother’s day just this past year, my husband bought me the Bernina 730.  This was mainly because he was tired of hearing the colorful language coming out of my sewing room the last time I sat down to machine quilt.  I am fortunate enough to have four Berninas.  Two of which I was lucky enough to win (except I wouldn’t call it fortunate when the taxes came due–yikes). 

One of those machines was a Bernina Artista 165.  It was a back-up machine for my Artista 170 in case it ever went down and needed service.  I absolutely LOVE my 170 and it has served me well and machine quilted well despite the fact that it has the oscillating hook system rather than the rotary hook system.  This matters for nice machine quilting.  My 170 laughed mockingly at the hindrance.

When I sat down to machine quilt the last time, the 170 wouldn’t turn on.  Only a sizzle came out of the machine when the electrical plug was inserted. I was speechless and motionless with shock and fear.  Of course I was on a deadline and with my back against the wall already, so I quickly switched it out for the 165.  Oh mercy me did that ever go badly.  To be honest, this machine just never did it for me, which is why it was relegated to a back-up.  It was the most awful experience I ever had machine quilting and the worst machine quilting I had ever done.  Not fun, hence the colorful language escaping my room and the wincing of my husband as the unlady-like profanity hit his ears.

I was ready for a six pack of these!
I was ready for a six pack of these!

After all was finished and thanks to an extended deadline of a week, I made it, I decided it was time to add some tears to my fits of language to make a point to my husband that it was impossible NOT to have that 730 anymore.  (picture me grinning here)

It worked!  So for Mother’s day I went to my local Bernina guy who is a peach and I traded in the 165 and worked out a deal that if I chose, I could come in when the new 830 came out to trade up to that with little extra expense.  To make a long story short, I have no intention of trading up or separating from the 730.   I will not part with this piece of computerized perfection.

This 730 machine really is so perfect it actually purrs.  Does it have those runway lights?  No.  Does it have the extra room in the arm area?  no.  I measured on my machine how much extra room I would have with the 830 and it wasn’t enough of a difference to entice me to part with the bit of extra cash needlessly.  Besides, I really have no issues now with machine quilting larger quilts.  Would I be the coolest kid on my block because I had the new machine?  Probably, but who cares and besides, I graduated high school a long time ago.  <wink>

So let the cool kids trade in their 730s for the latest and greatest and go RUN and grab those traded in 730’s for a steal!  You will have arguably one of the best machines Bernina ever built since the original 830 circa 1970’s.

Besides, if a 730 is good enough for Diane Gaudynski, then it is more than good enough for me.  ‘nuf said.

©2009 Sandra Leichner