A New Discovery


You all know how I discovered how to make colored pencil work permanent right??  🙂

 Well…..I discovered something new in my crazy lab of wonders.  Yes, I love to use hand embroidery for details, but sometimes those details would look well….not so good even in hand embroidery.  It is a scale and texture thing.  That is my scientific explanation anyway. 

 So I had this problem.  How can I get the really cool text from my printer onto a small appliqued label and make it permanent on the fabric of MY choice?  I did not want to use those white/off white loosely woven prepared with some chemical or another fabric sheets that we buy retail for the cost of our first child.  hmmmm….off to my lab for some experimentation.

Eureka!  Why not print off the text onto my chosen fabric ironed to those 8.5″ x 11″ sheets of  C. Jenkins Freezer paper?  Then, like the colored pencils, use the Jacquard Textile Extender and gently paint over the printed text?  Would it work???




The C. Jenkins Freezer Paper is firm and already cut to 8.5 x 11, I buy it from Soft Expressions here.



And then I use this ingenious 8.5″ x 11″ Pageboy Template from Soft Expressions for cutting my fabric to 8.5 x 11 and then iron it to the freezer paper and send it through the printer.




That answer to my experiment would be YES!, Hallelujah!, it works!

The text is soaked (although the pic doesn’t adequately reflect that) so you can see no movement of the ink.  I am using an Epson Workforce 500 with the DuraBrite inks.  My little no fancy stuff printer for my sewing room.


No bleeding or anything and although I didn't want to majorly soak this project right now, trust me, it has been thoroughly soaked before and washed. Just make sure to heat set properly before wetting or washing!


**The Important Bit**

Make sure to heat set with a very hot iron for a ten count and then do not wet for a day or two. Then you should be good to go.

The beauty of this is….

 1) I am no longer hostage to those expensive fabric sheets and

2) I can use any fabric I want for applique images or labels for the backs of my quilts.

I now have another avenue of opportunity to take my quilt designs to new heights of detail.  Hmmmm, what can I come up with next?




©2009 Sandra Leichner