Marking the Bird Legs for the Embroidery



Oh and what fine skinny legs too. Especially if they are embroidered that way.

I do not know if I covered this subject before and quite honestly, I am too lazy to go back and search through the archives to check.

For those of you who have never read this before–great. For those who have (if there somewhere in the dusty files) it will be a review.

There are many ways to transfer the lines for embroidery to the any of the birds in the Naturalist’s Notebook series that have their legs exposed in the design. I used a freezer template to transfer my embroidery lines.


Freezer Paper Template:

Ah, what would we do without freezer paper?

Trace off the legs onto freezer paper along with some “registration marks”.

Now here is the important bit….when you cut out the template(s), You must cut out the template INSIDE of those lines.


1)  Place in appropriate position

2) Iron in place

3) Trace around the template with a marker that (if needed) will come off



Registration Mark: adding applique lines so that the templates can be lined up properly.


Why? Because the drawn line adds bulk and to cover that line with your satin stitch will add the width of your marking stroke. You will have a bird with King Henry the VIII’s legs.

The poor thing will never have lift off–so sad!


Thick calves are not appealing visually when embroidering the legs of a bird.

When you are finished satin stitching, the legs should end up at the right size. Your birds(s) will thank you.




I will list the Fairy Wrens pattern etc., at the beginning of March. I am prepping for the upcoming Asilomar Workshop and do not want to get the shipping backed up on orders in my absence.

Thank you to everyone who sent their well wishes on “Vivaldi by Moonlight“‘s recent Best of Show win at Road to California. I am still trying to wrap my head around it. Wholecloth and Best of Show has been an oxymoron previously when it comes to the big shows. Such enlightened judges!

I doubt that kind of lightning will strike twice so I will savor the moment as long as I can. The check helps too. 😉